Q: How does the wolf wallet protect my cards from RFID skimming.

A. The special alloy properties in the metal casing prevents RFID skimming on contactless credit cards.

Q: Will my cards be safe from breaking

A. The strong metal case keeps credit cards safe and secure with the added benefit that breakages or damage to contents is significantly reduced.

Q:How does the wolf wallet get returned to me should I loose it and someone find it. 

A. The unique Wolf wallet ID number can be used when a wallet is lost and found. The finder just types in the unique ID number found inside each wallet on the wolf wallet website and a text message and or email is sent to the owner with recovery details of their wallet.

Q: If I drop my wallet, will all the contents fall out on the floor. 

A. The wolf wallet has a new improved metal lock that has been designed by the inventor Andrew Reeves and it is unique to the wolf wallet.

Q:  If i leave my wallet out in the rain will the contents of my wallet be safe.

A. The wolf wallet is water resistant and we have tested the wallet under rain conditions and found the contents to remain in an excellent condition.

Q: Can I put cash into the wallet

A: Yes cash and loyalty cards and even a key can be placed inside the wallet.

Q: How many cards will the wallet hold

A: The Wolf wallet has 7 compartments that can be used to hold up to a maximum of 12 credit cards.