What is the Wolf Wallet?

The Wolf Wallet is an aluminium wallet with a concertina insert that can hold up to 12 credit cards and or cash, driver’s license, photos and more. The wallet has been designed to protect your valuable cards from RFID skimming by using alloy properties within the metal that protects all of your contactless(RFID) cards from malicious thieves trying to steal your money by a process known as skimming.

In addition to the physical protection of your valuable cards, photos, driving license etc... held within a strong but light weight metal wallet, we have also implemented a lost and recovery service unique to the Wolf wallet. Each wallet has a unique ID number stamped inside the wallet. A simple confidential registration of the ID number in our Register section will assist in recovery of your wallet via SMS and email in the event you mislay your wallet and someone tries to return it to you.  

Wolf Wallet