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Is your card information safe, even in your pocket?

Contactless payment systems allow you to pay for items with a simple 'wave' of your credit and debit cards using radio-frequency identification(RFID) for making payments.
Contactless Payment Terminal

However what most consumers don’t know is that it’s also just as easy to steal your information right our of your pocket without even touching you with just a simple scanner!
Wolf Wallet has a hard aluminium shell which protects all of your cards from malicious radio waves trying to get your information.

Every wolf wallet has a unique ID number printed inside. If you were to drop your wallet by accident in a shop or if it fell out of your pocket in a car park, and it was found, the finder can go onto the wolf wallet website via a mobile device or PC and by typing in your unique ID number you will receive a text alerting you that your wallet has been found, with contact details to reclaim it. When you register your wallet on the wolf wallet website, you can also offer a small reward, which the finder will know when they enter the unique ID, this reward incentive may encourage the finder of your wallet to return it based on the reward potential. Just think of not having the hassle and cost of replacing your Driving Licence or store cards.  This unique service is only £1.00 per year and should you lose your wallet, you will also be entitled to a 30% discount code for a replacement wallet. You will be able to register your new unique wallet id against your existing membership with no additional fee to pay.

*We do advise that unless you are 100% happy on the return of your wallet and contents, that you cancel any debit/credit cards on return of your wallet and have then renewed. *

All wallet's are also RFID proof to protect you digital data stored on your cards. RFID, What’s this?

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Register your unique wolf wallet and if lost and found, you will be one step closer to getting it back.

Found a Wolf Wallet?

Have you found one of our wallets? Enter the unique ID printed on the inside, and we’ll see who it belongs to!

(Return rewards are at the discretion of wallet owners).